Main Objective

Health and Family Welfare

Our Main Mission is to arrest mortality rate of Cancer patients and thereby setup and Charitable Cancer Research Institute and spread awareness for Cancer.

Salient Objectives

Anciliary Objectives

1. To achieve complete literacy and to work for promotion of education;
2. To implement and co-ordinate various projects aimed towards development and maintenance of environment, plantations and all other projects/issues for dealing bio-diversities and also to carry out research activities.
3. To make efforts for the overall development of the Society;
4. To promote moral and ethical values through social and educational institutions for inculcating self-discipline and developing an ideal National character.
5. To implement a job-oriented and labor-based educational system;establish,manage and run such educational institutions for meeting the needs,aspirations and welfare of every section of society;
6. To set-up and run Training Centers in remote rural areas of the State, to uplift the educational and economic standards of the deprived sections of society, and to eliminate their prevailing bad social customs, illiteracy, dowry system, child marriage, fanaticism, etc. ;
7. To establish and run various welfare centers to promote de-addiction , welfare of senior citizens, physically and mentally handicapped person and overall human development;
8. To establish, manage and run high level training colleges to bring out personalities in the fields of science, education , literature and sports;
9. To implement and research on projects relating to Panchayat and social welfare and rural development, Swachya Bharat, Nirmal Bangla Project etc.;
10. To work on projects for animal husbandry; animal medical care and animal rights and to implement projects on development of fisheries;

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